The Tourism and Cultural Development Corporation of Puerto Varas took its first steps as of August 23, 1993, when a group of people met to give a boost and direction to the development of tourism in this city, through The approval of the statutes of this corporation. Among them are Adrián Adriazola, Carmen Bittner, Héctor Carvajal, Raúl Correa, Eric Ebner, Pedro Fernández, María Inés Hernández, María Carolina Knopp, Maritza Lindh, Jorge Moller, Viola Morandé, Claudio Niklitschek, Sabina Niklitschek, Ernesto Opitz, Dieter Pammer, María Angélica Schwerter, Miguel Veyl, Gastón Vicencio, Margot Vyhmeister and Luis Wellmann.

Purpose of the Corporation
As of that day, the statutes of this organization begin to govern like a corporation of private law, nonprofit; With the objective of promoting, in all its aspects, the development of tourism and culture in the commune of Puerto Varas.

Thus, for almost two decades, the Tourism and Cultural Development Corporation of Puerto Varas works for the best development of this area of the Los Lagos region, through the elaboration of agendas, agreements, trainings, meetings, public-private alliances And various advocacy strategies.