Touristour & Cochamo’s Valley

Cochamó Valley A natural paradise between lakes and mountains Come and see the place where the sea kisses the feet of the Andes mountain range and where people still live who live only from what the land and the sea gives them. We will start the tour by the international route that passes between the Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes, we will cross the Ensenada Villa to later go to the Ralún sector where we will walk along a mountain road immersed in native forests and one of the richest corners of the world in biodiversity, to then arrive in Cochamó, where we will visit its church and waterfront. In this place we will enjoy the purity of the winds that come down from the mountain mixed with the salinity of the marine air. An unforgettable experience.

Its climate is characterized by being of temperate humid type, and has an annual precipitation between 3300 and 4500 mm. The average temperature variations fluctuate between 7 C to 20 C in the summer
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