Restaurant Peruano El Greco

Two years ago, Alfredo Soto, owner of the Hotel El Greco in Puerto Varas, has been working on the creation of a Peruvian food restaurant in the city of roses that will bring together the best of the famous cuisine of the neighboring country and its spices and Rich raw material of meats and seafood of the south of Chile. "We realized that the Chilean culture and the German culture of southern Chile (Alfredo Soto tells us) have a lot of smoke like the cuisine of northern Peru, which we have integrated into our menu, for example, in our chaufa rice with seafood. We have worried, first, about having a Peruvian chef and using only spices that we import from Peru, along with raw materials from the area. The octopus is from the area, like the reineta and the conger and other raw materials. "

Between the preparations of the letter we find lomo saltado, tacu tacu to the male, sweat of fish, mixed parihuela, ají de hen, chicharrón of fish, chicharrón of squid, mixed ceviche, octopus to the olive tree, milk of tiger, among other plates and Desserts like crumbled cream and the unforgettable Lima sigh. The result of this long, intense and careful work is reflected in the presentation of the dishes and in the palate of the diners. The flavors are delicious, the dishes plentiful, the prices adequate and the place has a lot of history. In short, an unforgettable experience.
Calle Mirador 134