Pesca Katarata Outdoors

KATARATA OUTDOORS Agency, we are dedicated to delivering outdoor experiences to our customers, with sensations of contact with nature: smells, wind-sun and rain, extensive views, trips to territories not yet conquered, navigation of rivers and lakes, active tourism and adventurous.

RECREATIONAL FISHING LAKE LLANQUIHUE, SEE PUERTO VARAS: Our speedboat also operates in trolling mode for fishing, in Lake Llanquihue. This activity consists of a combined activity of family outing with recreational fishing, the fishing is trawling along the lake shore to the sector of Niklitschek Beach. The capacity is for 10 passengers, however they can only catch 2 people simultaneously so they must take turns. Duration Activity: 4 Hrs.
Costanera de Puerto Varas a 200 mts al norte de la plaza
+56 9 94444339