Navegación Katarata Outdoors

KATARATA OUTDOORS Agency, we are dedicated to delivering outdoor experiences to our customers, with sensations of contact with nature: smells, wind-sun and rain, extensive views, trips to territories not yet conquered, navigation of rivers and lakes, active tourism and adventurous.

Our star product: SEE PUERTO VARAS, the best AQUATIC CITY TOUR in QUICK BOAT by Llanquihue Lake, the third largest in South America !! A wonderful adventure that begins at our dock 200 meters north of the square of Puerto Varas, we sail up to 55 km / hr by the bay of Puerto Varas to the city of Llanquihue or Niklitschek Beach, with panoramic views of the cities and natural surroundings . This entertaining experience is complemented by floating stops at points of interest, where our captain will give you historical and geographical information of the place.
Costanera de Puerto Varas a 200 mts al norte de la plaza
+56 9 94444339