Las Cascadas

A settlement with a population of about 700, located on the North Shore of Llanquihue Lake and on the Outskirts of Osorno Volcano. You will find summer homes, beaches, camping and daily bus schedules to Osorno

About 85 km from Puerto Varas on the east bank of Lake Llanquihue, at the foot of the Osorno Volcano is located this town famous for its lacustrine beaches and its waterfall of almost 50 meters high. After walking a path in the middle of exhuberante vegetation with something more than 30 mins of walk you arrive at this imposing waterfall that amazes for its location and powerful sound amplified by the surrounding rock walls upholstered with ferns and mosses. It is also possible to see other numerous waterfalls that seem to sprout from the rock like delicate water strands.
Las Cascadas