Lago todos los Santos

Located 68 Km. to the Noth West of Puerto Montt. with an extension of 175 Square Km² AND 36 Km. long, known also as Emerald Lake, due to the color of it´s waters. Lake Todos los Santos has a volcanic origin: Lava from Osorno Volcano created a barrier in the valley and made the Petrohué river change it´s course towards Ralún. It use to flow in to Llanquihue Lake. It is located in an environment surrounded by forest of native trees like coigües, ulmos, tepas, tineos y olivillos and the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador Volcanoes. At a higher altitude Lenga Forest lines start to show. In the environment of the lake we can also find mammals like the Pudú, Puma, Fox, Huillín or River Otter and the quique. We can also distinguish Chilean marsupials like the comadreja trompuda and monito del monte. Among birds, the most important to highlight are: Huala, quetro Duck, Correntino Duck, King Fisher, traro, small hummingbird, black woodpecker, caiquén, common tagua and eagles.

Lago todos los Santos