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The region of the lakes is in the south of Chile, and has part of the most beautiful landscapes of this country, it is a temperate and rainy zone, which allows you to experience the majesty of its forests, its imposing volcanoes and its innumerable Lakes and rivers.

TRADITIONAL TOURS (price based on 2 pax)
The return to the Lake is a very complete tour, where you will know the places that give history to the German colonization in the area.
 The tour starts touring the industrial city of Llanquihue, where we will know its coastline and where the Maullin River originates, a river that springs from Lake Llanquihue and 85km beyond it flows into the Pacific Ocean. Then we will continue towards Frutillar Bajo, to know its history, a place famous for its musical weeks in the summer, its heritage houses, waterfront and kuchenes. We will continue our trip to Puerto Octay to know the tranquility that surrounds the town that makes it become the icon of the old and rural, a magical corner where buildings add a touch of authenticity and history where it seems that time had receded at least 50 years. We will continue touring the southern fields until we reach the small town of Cascadas. Then we will continue route to Ensenada, where there will be enough time to have lunch. After lunch we will visit the beautiful Petrohue Falls, located at the foot of the Volcano, in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, along with the Todos los Santos Lake, with its emerald waters. We will continue skirting the lake for 45 more minutes until we reach Puerto Varas.
Includes: Guide in Spanish, transportation and search instead of accommodation.
Does not include: Lunch
$ 52,500 p / p
  * VOLCANO OSORNO (Half day)
To know this majestic volcano, of 2,650 meters with cone shape will be an unforgettable experience.
 During the trip to the volcano you will enjoy a beautiful path bordering the lake on the left side and a country landscape on the right. Once we start the climb to the volcano, the greenish color of the vegetation will be highlighted, which in the road will change to other tones. We will stop at the many lookouts to admire the views that deliver to the ski center, about 1,270 meters high, where they will have enough time to make a walk to the red crater, have a coffee in the restaurant and enjoy the beautiful View of the valleys and lake.
Includes: Guide in Spanish, transportation and search instead of accommodation.
  $ 35,500 p / p
 A must if they come to the Lakes region. Inside the Vicente Perez Rosales Park, at the foot of Osorno Volcano you can find these jumps that stand out for their intense blue waters that are allowed to flow over a volcanic soil. And only 6 km from the falls is the Todos los Santos or Esmeralda Lake, located in the small town of Petrohue, taking its name from the color and calm of its waters.
Includes: Guide in Spanish, transportation and search instead of accommodation.
Does not include: Entrances to the jumps.
$ 32,500 p / p
 Two places with a lot of history to tell. On the shores of Lake Llanquihue, we will first meet Llanquihue, which over time has been formed in an industrial city, locating the large productions of sausages, milk and agar agar seaweed. Place where the river Maullin originates, a river that rises from Lake Llanquihue and empties into the Pacific Ocean. Continuing the trip, we will arrive in Frutillar, a small but charming city with a lot of musical culture, standing out for its distinctive heritage houses, gardens, cafes and crafts. Definitely a place to spend a pleasant moment and try the best kuchenes in the area.
Includes: Guide in Spanish, transportation and search instead of accommodation.
Private Tours
Our private tours are designed to give you the greatest comfort, flexibility and confidence possible.
We also offer customized tours, where together with the passenger you can design a tour uniquely and exclusively to your liking, with the appropriate advice and taking into account all the necessary factors such as; time of stay, climate, diversity of places, activities, etc.
All private tours include pick up, drop off to your place of accommodation in Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt and guide. They do not include what is not mentioned.
As the tours are private, the same passengers can choose the departure time that is most convenient and convenient for them.
 * Full day: 8 hours
* Half day: 4 hours
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