Vicki Johnson Fine Foods & Gifts

The ingredients and natural spices are part of the secret of these chocolates, but the most important thing is the one that does not appear in the books, "el cariño". These delicatessen have the magical ability to awaken the senses and highlight the value of simple things, giving away a piece of southern Chile.

In Galpón Aire Puro you will find two magical stores: A chocolate shop and a craft shop. Both with the unmistakable stamp of an American woman rooted in the area more than 30 years ago. Vicki's chocolates are unique pieces that captivate national and foreign visitors. Made with family recipes, and by the hand of a gastronomic teacher, its flavors and aromas permeate every corner, tempting the most demanding. On the other hand, the craft shop, is presented as an ideal getaway to take memories of the area. There you can find beautiful products designed in wood, fabrics and other materials from southern Chile.
Independencia 50
+56 9 99798009