Tourist house

Chile’s Región de Los Lagos , about one thousand kilometres south of Santiago, is Region X of Chile’s fifteen administrative regions and sits just to the north of mythic Patagonia. Landing at El Tepual International Airport near Puerto Montt, a large port with access to the Pacific, I headed up twenty kilometers to Puerto Varas, its smaller (41,000 population instead of 175,000) and more charming little sister. I would later spend a couple of days in Puerto Montt and discover that it is a nicer place than the guide-books make it out to be – but still nowhere near as chilled out as Puerto Varas!

Tourist House is the physical platform of the Tourism Corporation, an entity that brings together around 100 members of the tourism and hotel industry. It is a private entity, not Municipal and aims to promote the Destination of Puerto Varas and the Lake Llanquihue Basin.
Casa del Turista - Piedraplen s/n (Costanera)