Canopy Chile

In the foothills of the Osorno Volcano, in front of Lake Llanquihue is Canopy Lodge, our tourist center of more than 500 hectares, immersed in native forests, with the most beautiful flora and Chilean fauna. Those who visit us are pleasantly surprised by the quality of its people, the majestic serenity of the Patagonian landscapes and the magic that surrounds them. Our services are designed for people who want to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Flying, overcoming gravity, and feeling as free as a bird was, ever since, one of the longings of human beings. Canopy Chile offers you this opportunity. The trees between which we will fly have great thickness and they surpass 40 meters of height, the maximum speed of displacement is of 45 Km. Per hour between platforms.
Ruta U99-V Camino Cascadas Km. 60