Anulen Cabins in Puerto Varas

Anulen Cabins in Puerto Varas, are located on the road to the Calbuco volcano and with a spectacular panoramic view of the Osorno volcano and Llanquihue lake. The cabins are located in the neutral point between Puerto Varas and Ensenada close to the main attractions of the area such as: Llanquihue, Frutillar, Puerto Octay, Osorno Volcano, Todos Los Santos Lake, Peulla, Saltos del Petrohué, Ensenada, Ralún , Puelo River, Puerto Montt, Carretera Austral, Loreley Island, the beaches of Llanquihue, etc. Its services include a Spa, with a nice barrel-type outdoor sauna and a hot tub, on its own terrace.

The Anulen Cabins of Puerto Varas offer different types of accommodation:
Cabin in Puerto Varas Premium Bedroom with double bed Terrace with view of the lake and the volcano Bath with tub Bedroom with 1 bed 1 square + 1 Cabin Bedroom with 1 bed 1 square + 1 Cabin Bath with tub Equipped with Satellite TV 2 wood heater, living room sector, Cabañas sector Equipped kitchen Living room Dinning room 100 m2 Private hot water tub (Hot Tub)
The cabins are located in: Camino Ensenada, (Route 225) En in km 25.9 - Los Riscos, on the right 1 km Towards the South (Route V-619)
Ruta 225, Km26, 1.5Km al interior (V-619) Sector los Riscos
56 65 235 7243