Founded in the 17th century as a missionary center of the island. Communal center comprising the islands of Quinchao, Llingua, Linlin, Quenac, Meulin, Teuquelín, Caguach, Apiao, Alao and Caulinec. Its Church, Santa María de Loreto is a World Heritage Site and the oldest of the Island of Chiloé.

Achao is located on the island of Quinchao, Chiloé Archipelago, in southern Chile. It is the capital of the commune of Quinchao, which is composed of half of the island of Quinchao the other half corresponds to the commune of Curaco de Velez and 9 surrounding islands: Alao, Apiao, Chaulinec, Caguach, Lin-Lin, Llingua, Meulín, Quenac and Teuquelin. Achao means sandy beach in the Huilliche language. Achao is built on a flat sector surrounded by hills and facing a shallow sandy beach. In front are the islands of Llingua and lin lin. In the surrounding hills there are abundant viewpoints, such as the Alto de la Paloma. Here you can sign up a couple of good photos of your trip. It is the main one of the Chilote towns that are outside the Big Island and as such it is very visited by inhabitants of the smaller islands mainly of the 9 that conform its commune, that go to study or to realize commercial activities. In Achao you can see the architecture highlighted by the multiple shapes that the larch tiles that are used to cover the houses, typical architecture of the southern zone of Chile. In front of the town square is the main attraction of the town the Church of Santa María de Loreto de Achao, declared a World Heritage Site. Also in front of the square you can find El Canito a market where you can buy chuchoca, potato bread, milcaos, among other typical foods, highly recommended if you are passing through and have little time to spend in Achao. During the summer the Meeting of the Islands of the Archipelago takes place, a sample of customs, music and island gastronomy that takes place every year during the first week of February.