Museo Colonial Alemán de Frutillar

The German Colonial Museum of Frutillar is born from a local interest to know and preserve the History of Llanquihue Lake and the German settlement. In 1979 de Frutillar City Hall donates the Land to Universidad Austral de Chile, giving birth to the construction of this Museum.

To begin construction of each unit, teams of 12 people cleared the land and then between 1982 and 1984, six masters built the Water Mill and the Blacksmith. With both facilities the Museum is inaugurated on January 28, 1984. Only four months later, the Campanario was built, and between 1988 and 1989 the construction of the Casona de Campo was completed.

The museum, through its gardens, collections and buildings, gives an account of the various activities of the German settlers in order to build their new homes, prepare the ground for sowing and finally settle in what they recognized as their new homeland.

30 de November de 2016
Avda. Vicente Pérez Rosales s/n