Patrimonial District and German Houses

The Typical Zone of Puerto Varas or Patrimonial District is an area of ​​around 13 hectares of urban area, which is located in the western sector of the city. It has numerous examples of the architecture of the German colonists of the late nineteenth century.

National Monuments

Kuschel House: It was built in 1915 being property of Mr. Wilibaldo Klenner. It´s a two-storey house plus a groundfloor. It has an oak framework structure with wooden horizontal walls and a Stone base. Its roof is a dome with metal cover. Currently it´s occupied as a Information center of Pumalin Park.

German house: It was built in 1914 by Klenner family. It´s a fitted out one-storey house with a roof space, which H shaped plants forms a backyard. Its structure has a wooden framework, walls and grooved iron plates. Currently it is occupied as a residence.

Juptner House: It was built in 1910 being property of Juptner Klenner family, Its structure is made of wodd, walls and sheathing covered by larch tiles and a hip roof with ridgepale. It´s a one-storey building with a roof space. Currently it´s fitted out a residence.

Maldonado House: It was built in 1893 by Emhardt family. Its structure has a wooden framework, walls covered with horizontal boards, a cover with wooden tiles, a hip roof with a ridgepole parallel to the Street and a central viewpoint. It has been occupied as a residence only.

Gotschlich House: It was built about 1910. Initialy, it was property of Bohle family. It has an even two-storey plant, an attic used as a cellar, a hip roof with ridgepole parallel to the Street and a central viewpoint. Currently, it´s a residence.

Yunge House: It was built in 1921 by Mr. Juan Hitschfeld. It´s a fitted out two-storey building and an attic. It has a wooden structure, a larch tile cover, concrete and wooden alloys at the edges to strengthen this house structure.
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